Aura of Happiness

The Real You

Every human has a habit of talking to their own soul. Likewise I too had a small conversation with my soul. I thought of why don’t I share this with you guys. First thing that got striked in my mind was, “What are you gonna do in your life to make yourself happy?” Because each and every single person are running after their life fully dependent on money rather than hapiness. Earlier days food was life, later shelter was the one, but now no man can live without a single note of money. We even pay for a life to be born and to get buried under the earth after death. Money is obviously an important thing but it is not life. Everybody are rushing into their lives, chasing, smashing etc., Nobody feels the fresh air outside, we don’t even have time to take a deep breath. Oh My God!!! what a stressful life?! I mean whats your goal dude? Eh?? What are you gonna do for yourself? Just of earning money and get settled, married and giving birth and let them also get married and so on… Is that all? Is that all your life? Where are “YOU” in this and how would you define yourself personally? All of us for sure will have a passion from our childhood. We would be going around all the creepy shits and roaming around happily no matter what is gonna happen next. Many of them, either me have no idea on what I really want to do or what is my goal. Have a break, atleast spend a minimum of 2 hours only for you… just you. If you really wanna listen to your heart and curious to know what you really want, TRY THIS. Get seated in a peaceful environment and grab your voice recorder. Click on the record button and take a deep breath closing your eyes. Be quite and just blank out everything thats going on your mind. After 10 seconds, start over talking deep from the heart. You may struggle to start up but once you get started your thoughts will flow as a river. After you’ve spoken out all that you wanted to, get your eyes opened and have some water. Now again, listen to the voice that you’ve spoken all about. You will feel the real you. The imagination that you got in that moment will never fade away through out your life. This may seem a kind of little stupidity but I am damn sure you’ll get emotionally touched and definitely go for it. Because that was truly and honestly spoken by you. There is no one to stop your desire, only thing you’ve to do is move on. Anyone can become anything only if you have a strong belief and a clear thought in you. Make that moment come true and you’ll be the happiest person in the world. May all your dreams come true and have a peaceful life. 🙂